TEFL Course Online

CCELT offers a TEFL certification course for teachers looking to teach ESL at home or abroad.

We are excited to announce that an upgraded version of our course will be available by mid-May.

Whether new to the field or an experienced teacher looking for additional certification, all prospective ESL teachers can benefit from a CCELT qualification.

CCELT – the Center for Communication and English Language Teaching – offers a 100-hour online TEFL course to fit the needs of teachers looking to teach ESL or expand their credentials. CCELT’s online TEFL course is a self-paced, portable course that provides the highest quality of learning to individuals worldwide.

Course Objective

CCELT provides a comprehensive approach to English language teaching, preparing teachers to meet the needs of their students at home and abroad. CCELT’s interactive online format allows educators to complete the course at their own pace while receiving individual feedback and assessment. Graduates obtain an internationally recognized, 100-hour TEFL certification accepted by international schools.

Course Curriculum

CCELT’s TEFL course provides a comprehensive overview of English language teaching. The course is broken into ten lessons:

  • Section 1: The English Language & Introduction to Language Learners
  • Section 2: Lesson Planning & Teaching Language Skills
  • Section 3: Introduction to English Grammar & Classroom Skills
  • Section 4: Teaching Language Skills
  • Section 5: Classroom Management
  • Section 6: Presentations & Working Abroad
  • Section 7: Resources & Materials
  • Section 8: Teaching English to Young Learners
  • Section 9: Developing Learner Autonomy
  • Section 10: Professional Development

For a more detailed overview of the CCELT TEFL curriculum, please view the CCELT Syllabus.