TESOL Courses

CCELT TESOL courses were developed in response to a need for a comprehensive, well-structured approach to ESL teaching, ESL teaching jobs abroad, and how to teach English to speakers of other languages.

CCELT is a TESOL/TEFL/TESL course that offers the highest quality instruction in 100 hours of course work, with a focus on preparing ESL teachers to excel as English teachers, overseas and at home.

CCELT TESOL Course Objective

CCELT TESOL courses encompass all of the facets required to understand teaching English as a second language. ESL teaching requires skill and an understanding of ESL teaching strategies; CCELT prepares teachers to meet the needs of their students by providing a comprehensive approach to English language teaching.

CCELT TESOL Course Topics

CCELT TESOL courses cover a broad range of topics to ensure ESL teachers understand the intricacies and complexities of teaching English, while still allowing time to focus on more specific techniques and strategies that ESL teachers can use in their own classroom.

CCELT TESOL courses begin by covering topics ranging from the impact English and English language skills have on the world, to understanding the different stages of language learning, to how to understand and gauge learner differences. CCELT TESOL courses progress by exploring how to plan for effective instruction, how to broach and teach topics in English language instruction, an overview of proven methods, and classroom management for ESL teachers. Additional topics are covered in the online course component, including teaching English to young learners and helping students develop learner autonomy. Finally, in order to provide the tools necessary for a successful career in the ESL industry, CCELT TESOL courses include a component specifically focused on finding ESL teaching jobs abroad, finding and creating appropriate ESL resources and materials, and professional development for ESL teachers.

CCELT TESOL Course Breakdown

CCELT TESOL courses include 60 hours of in-person classroom instruction, followed by 40 hours of coursework completed online. The two course components complement each other and enable CCELT students to work in a classroom setting, as well as independently.

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