CCELT receives feedback from teachers who have graduated from the online TEFL program and moved onto rewarding careers teaching English abroad.

Testimonials from Graduates of the Online TEFL Program

Teaching overseas in Japan was an eye-opening experience. I learned about the culture, the people, the food, and the language, all while teaching the best kids in the world. There was always adventure around every corner, in and out of the classroom, hence my staying for 3 years. The experience I gained is really applicable to any career, teaching or not. If you haven’t traveled overseas much, teaching is a great option as you get to explore and learn while doing something rewarding. I never hesitate in recommending the experience to others.
Mary Skurka

Living and teaching overseas is an experience like no other! I am so grateful to have had the chance to experience new things, meet new people, and acquire new skills – I am definitely a better person for it. Traveling opens your mind, and benefits you in ways you can’t imagine before you depart. My teaching certificate was definitely the key. I can’t wait for my next adventure!
Mathew Sills

I was bitten by the travel bug, but had no money to continue my travels. I completed my CCELT TESL certification, which opened doors to teaching ESL all over the world, and hightailed it to Brazil where I taught English to adults and students looking to attend American universities. My time spent in Brazil was amazing! I lived in a community where very few people spoke English and totally immersed myself in their language, culture, and environment. I would recommend teaching internationally to anyone. It will change your perspective and afford adventures that you will talk about for the rest of your life.
Jesse Foreman

CCELT prepared me for a wide variety of international ESL teaching experiences. I have taught in South Korea, Peru, Colombia, and here in my home country of Canada. I have taught in both volunteer and salaried positions, in the classroom, online, and on a one-on-one basis. Teaching definitely asks you to draw on many skills and a large knowledge base. Throughout my time abroad I was asked to teach the basic ABCs all the way through to advanced English conversation classes, science, phonics and more, to students aged 2 all the way through to 80 years of age. The highlight of my ESL teaching career was teaching English at the University level in Peru. CCELT not only opened these doors for me, but gave me the skills to ensure that my time teaching abroad was as useful and rewarding for my students as it was for me.
Renato Cavaliari

Teaching abroad was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. While teaching in Europe and in Southeast Asia, I had the opportunity to meet amazing people and develop friendships that continue to this day. Not only did I forge memorable relationships but I also had the chance to travel extensively both within the country where I was working and also to nearby countries that I may never have gone to otherwise. Traveling for a short time can be a fantastic experience but in no way does the richness and complexity of a country and its people reveal itself until you live and work alongside members of the community and become a part of their lives. My CCELT teaching certification gave me the freedom to revel in my time abroad.
Erin Papadopoulos

Having an overseas teaching experience is invaluable. Not only are you able to learn about how to teach and become a more effective teacher, you are also able to learn about a new culture and more importantly, your own capabilities as a person. It can be an intimidating thought when picturing yourself traveling to a foreign country, but once you’re there, living it in full, you are able to quickly realize that it is such an amazing experience, and you are soon grateful for all that you are learning. Teaching in Korea solidified my desire to become a certified teacher and soon after, I pursued my teaching degree and continued my travel by studying in Australia. My desire to teach and live abroad grows with each experience and I will soon find myself living in London, UK on my next adventure!
Leah Richards

Teaching is a fantastic way to see the world. After studying in Australia, I received my Masters in Teaching. Although I had always planned to return home to Canada, the draw of teaching internationally won out, so I packed my bags and headed to London, England. This was a huge learning curve both professionally and personally, and the skills I gained better prepared me to get a teaching position back home where the market is highly competitive. I never stopped traveling the whole time I was abroad, visiting many counties in Asia and Europe. Studying and working overseas truly was the experience of a lifetime.
Maria Strugurescu

Teaching overseas allowed me to open my eyes to new cultures and experiences. Once I graduated from university, I quickly realized the limited opportunities for teachers in Ontario. Ten days after graduation, I packed my bags and moved to New Zealand to pursue my passion for teaching. Within a week, I was on a supply list and getting daily text messages for supply work. After 6 months of supply work, I ended up getting a full time placement in a grade 5/6 classroom. I am forever grateful for the opportunity of gaining full time teaching experience straight out of University. It’s been two years since I left for New Zealand and friends of mine have yet to be put on a supply list in Canada! Teaching internationally is a great way to gain experience.
Amir Samra

I LOVE YOUR COURSE! My time in Korea was terrific, the Korean people are so unbelievably generous and helpful and I enjoyed every minute of my teaching and travel. I made a handful of trips to neighbouring countries funded by my teaching salary and explored Southeast Asia at the end of my contract – something I feel would never have been possible if I had stayed at home. Getting my CCELT TEFL certificate made the adjustment period much easier because my instructors gave me a realistic vision of my time teaching abroad. I certainly felt that I came prepared from day one knowing what to expect in an English classroom setting.
Felicity White

The decision to live and teach overseas was hands-down the best decision that I’ve ever made. What I thought would be a 6 month stint in the United Kingdom turned into 10 years and 4 countries with countless adventures in between. I’ve sat with mountain gorillas in Uganda, stayed with the Masai Mari in Kenya, swam with dolphins in Indonesia, pet tigers in Thailand, and rode a camel in the Sinai Desert to name just a few highlights! The only thing better than the adventures were the friendships and connections I made with people I met, many of whom I stay in touch with regardless of where I am in the world. I’ve taught kids from all socio-economic levels and might have learned more from them than they did from me. Teaching overseas comes with its own set of challenges but if you are able to stay open-minded, be patient, and remember to enjoy the positives instead of focusing on the negatives, you will never regret taking the first step.
Jamie Pritchard

The five months I spent teaching English in Italy will forever be embedded in my memory. After spending seven weeks based in a school in San Remo on the Italian Riviera, I was offered a position working in a different Italian city every week, where I would conduct a five day course teaching English through music and staying with Italian families, before moving on to a different part of the country. This experience allowed me to learn so much about Italy’s famed culture and relaxed lifestyle, whilst being spoiled daily by some of the finest food in the world, all amid the backdrops of ancient Rome, the canals of Venice, and Renaissance Florence, to name just a few. I made lifelong friends in Italy, who I am still in touch with to this day, and would urge anyone considering teaching English in a foreign land, to take the opportunity while they can.
George Bergen