Why TEFL Certification from CCELT?

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) courses teach the methods and best practices of ESL instruction. Teachers who have completed TEFL courses are prepared to lead classes at home and abroad.

Why TEFL certification?

Imagine you are standing in front of 30 people and you have been asked to teach them about using the present progressive tense for an hour. Where do you start?

TEFL certification gives you the tools to create an interactive and engaging classroom environment, along with the knowledge to effectively teach English to non-native speakers with appropriate behavior management strategies.

The international teaching field has changed dramatically over the past 10 years, with an increasing number of countries aspiring to improve English proficiency. The demand for ESL teachers has risen accordingly, and as a result, the expectations of public and private institutions hiring ESL teachers have increased.

TEFL certification provides new ESL teachers the foundation for becoming a successful teacher, and helps create realistic expectations with regards to teaching abroad, job prospects, and life in the classroom. For experienced ESL teachers, obtaining certification enhances any resume, introduces aspects of technology integration in the classroom, and builds on the teacher’s current ESL teaching pedagogy.

Why Take the CCELT Online TEFL Course?

All CCELT TEFL course developers have first-hand industry experience and focus on providing you with practical teaching methods. Lesson planning, interactive and engaging lesson activities, behavior management strategies, and practice teaching are just some of the concepts covered in the CCELT TEFL course. CCELT also provides you with a constantly evolving support network, and a ‘teacher toolbox’ full of resources that are unique to CCELT.

Benefits of Taking CCELT TEFL Courses

Taking a CCELT TEFL course offers a number of advantages for new university graduates and experienced teachers alike. Teaching English abroad or at home is an exciting opportunity, and one that affords many job possibilities.

Learn Relevant, Practical Skills and Techniques

CCELT TEFL courses provide ESL teachers with skills, techniques, and practical methods that can be utilized in any classroom setting. Experienced, dedicated instructors teach best practices and proven techniques – skills that make graduates highly employable. CCELT’s approach to ESL teaching is comprehensive, ensuring that teachers are well-equipped to succeed when they begin teaching ESL on their own.

Build On What You Know

As a Native English speaker, you may not know how to share your English language abilities with others, as speaking English is natural for you. The TEFL course explains how English language learners think and learn, how to ensure you are teaching effectively, and how to gauge learner progress.

Prepare to Teach Abroad

Many CCELT teachers are looking to teach overseas, and the CCELT TEFL certificate can help make that dream a reality. In addition to preparing you for your teaching job abroad, CCELT provides job placement assistance and advice on how to select a teaching job overseas that is right for you. Learn all about the challenges and benefits of teaching overseas and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

Become Better Qualified

While not all English teaching jobs require TEFL certification, many positions do require these or related qualifications, and many positions offer higher salaries to CCELT-certified teachers. Teaching English is a great skill to have, especially if one has been well trained. Becoming CCELT-certified will increase your employability, giving you skills that are in high demand.